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A Maxi Dress is Sewn and Impractical Footwear is Worn

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Sewing and I have a long and imperfect history.  It’s been one of those creative activities that I really love in theory, but when it comes to actually doing it, there is often more seam ripping and bobbin jamming and cursing then one would expect in a favorite activity.  I have always appreciated the end result of a handmade garment (regardless of just how handmade my creation might look, ahem) but it really has only been of late that I’ve taken to actually enjoying the process of sewing.  I’m loving the evolution of the steps that lead up to a finished piece.  I definitely hesitate to say it, but it’s highly possible that I’m less impatient than I used to be and can also, you know, follow directions now.  Regardless, I’ve been happy to sit for a bit here and there to sew for my littlest, Isles.  At two, she’s perfectly delighted by anything to twirl in.  And in purple (“Purple is my sooo favorite,” she tells us)?  Well, it’s definitely not a struggle to get her into this “dancing dress”.

This sweet little number was made with a pattern by Heidi and Finn and sewn in Jay McCarroll’s Center City fabric.  I hemmed it a bit shorter than the pattern allotted for, mostly because I suspected it would get worn frequently, danced in often, and I didn’t want tripping to be an issue.

Impractical footwear came home because this mama couldn’t resist a pair of brand new pink Hanna Andersson clogs from the thrift store in an adorable, tiny size.  I have a thing with clogs.  I always wanted a pair when I was young.  I remember that Kelly Dower had a pair in second grade and I loved them sooo much.  We would switch shoes during the school day and I remember that I felt so amazingly cool in her beautiful blue suede clogs.  I can’t remember what my shoes were, probably something with straps and buckles, just that I felt extremely grateful that Kelly was happy enough to wear them for a day.  Mrs. Werner soon put an end to our shoe swapping for ‘hygienic reasons’ and my sweet clog days were no more.  My daughter certainly wasn’t going to go through her youth deprived of the coveted clogs, so of course these beauties needed to come home with me.  She squealed with delight.  Naturally.  And then we put them on.  And it was clear why the shoes were brand new and at a thrift store.  Because clogs on a two year old are a really bad idea.  However, I had already unleashed them and there was no. turning. back.

Isles actually does a pretty great job of dancing in her impractically perfect footwear.  We have stressed that some shoes are for running, while the pink clogs are for walking.  And you’ll frequently hear her repeat our new footwear idiom.  But you better believe she’s going to bust a move in those shoes when you turn your head.  Truthfully, I don’t blame her one bit.  A pretty purple maxi dress and a pair of pink clogs?  This baby knows she’s got it going on.

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