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Making for Mother’s Day

Making is really what makes me.  The need to forge something with my hands.  The fascination with the process of witnessing an idea slowly take form into something tangible.  And then being able to gift the new creation?  Well, truly that is what fuels me.  It’s my way of sharing love and spreading beauty.  Making is what makes me.  It’s so exciting too, to witness my children evolving into makers as well.  Recently, Eli (12) said, “Mama, there’s something big that I want to do and I’m not sure what it is yet.”  He spoke about wanting to incorporate his own eclectic mix of interests and talents into a big project but was struggling as the shape of it all still eluded him.  I know and love that feeling so well.  There is a spark, an idea in its vestigial form, waiting for you to breathe it into being. I assured him that with time, the project would reveal itself and encouraged him to relish the process.

Meanwhile we had some practical making to get on with.  We needed to send some love to all the grandma’s for Mother’s Day.  So with a couple of helpers at the ready, we delved into some homemade goodness.  We made herb plant markers out of Sculpey roughly using this lovely tutorial: https://magnoliamarket.com/diy-plant-stakes/.  Isles (2) helped roll it all out (Well, for a minute anyway.  We soon moved her to the kitchen table with a hefty blob of playdough of her own.) while Eli stamped out the names of herbs with a set of letter stamps that we’ve had kicking around for a good long time.  They came out rustic and imperfect and beautiful.  I like to give a little set of notecards to the grandmas as well, so I designed some stationery with sage boughs to coordinate with our herb-y theme.  I thought the end result was so fresh and springy!

Just the other night, Eli had his big a-ha moment when the concept of his project revealed itself to him.  I definitely saw a look of pure reverence on his face as he enjoyed the satisfaction of his creativity taking form.  It’s still in its infancy and the project’s unfolding will probably be a lengthy one, but the joy of being a maker is clearly running boldly in his blood.  How is it then, that I can get as much thrill watching his idea take shape as I can from my own?  It’s the joy of being a maker mama, I guess.

Herb Markers

Herb Markers 10

Herb Markers 1

Herb Markers 3

Herb Markers 4

Herb Markers 2

Herb Markers 5

Herb Markers 6

Herb Markers 9

Herb Markers 8

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