Maine August 2011 (28)
I’m Heather.  I’m a watery type who feels things deeply and is inspired by things often.  I work out of my sunny home studio in Eastern Massachusetts while being a busy mama to three gorgeous, inquisitive souls.  My business was birthed out of my love for letters.  I have a sweet, chirpy friend from college.  For 16 years, we’ve lived on opposite coasts and written letters every week.  Everyday little tidbits are speckled in between the real, beautiful, gritty bits of life.  All on paper.  Relationships have weaved in and out, moves have occurred, babies have been born, life callings have been discovered- all sprawled on paper in the comforting, familiar penmanship of the other.  Through letters.  This love of written correspondence, this sweet appreciation for a lovely, lost art is the force behind Deep Blue Sea Designs.